En Tu Abrazo - Encuentro Milonguero II

United States
En Tu Abrazo Encuentro Milonguero is a gathering of like-minded dancers with a shared passion for milonguero connections while dancing to traditional tango music.

Four days of Tango Milonguero with seven milongas (including the pre- milonga). DJs include Robert Hauk (Portland), Timmy Tango (Cleveland), Raymond Fonk (Amsterdam), Igor El Espejero (Toronto), Ilene Marder (New York), Ray Barbosa (Chicago), and Maria Olivera (Buenos Aires).

With an amicable ambiance that is gender balanced, providing separate seating for men, woman & couples who use Mirada & Cabaceo to invite others to dance.

Where we follow traditional Codes of Conduct including making and accepting invitations to dance from our seat and always respecting those already dancing.

Lodging for the Encuentro will be at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Illinois. https://www.pheasantrun.com/
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